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We are proud to have shared our feature documentary, The Valley, across the country in theaters, film festivals, and community gatherings.  The story of the town of Telluride, Colorado and their epic struggle to keep the valley floor at their doorstep wild, beautiful, and accessible to the people, is inspiring audiences. Multiple awards from a variety of film festivals have been won, including “best cinematography,” “audience choice,” “best editing,” and “best documentary feature.” This success has encouraged us to make our next step.

Taking film distribution to the next level is a tricky business. We want to do everything we can to stand out, inspire audiences, and protect our beautiful lands. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to change our film’s title to, Forever Wild.  The name celebrates the core values of the valley floor struggle and allows us to fly our own unique flag. We hope you can join us in this leap forward.  

You can easily find us at our new website, and follow us on Facebook at  Come on over and see what happens next!

-- From the Forever Wild documentary film team.

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